River Royale

Join Us On A River Cruise In Bordeaux, France in 2015

Ever dreamt of taking an All-Inclusive, Luxury River Cruise?

Ever dreamt of visiting majestic Bordeaux, France?

Well, now you can have both by enjoying a Uniworld River Cruise in Bordeaux, France with “Your Trusted Cruise Experts” Nancy & Shawn Power, from July 12th-19th, 2015.

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Rick Steves taking a Cruise

Rick Steves: The Biggest Skeptic of Cruises Turns Advocate!

Rick Steves shocked us all!!

By stepping foot onto a Cruise ship and then mentioning how it can save you money to Cruise through Europe rather then travel on your own & other reasons that gives details of more benefits that make it a winning way to see Europe.

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Lobster Pad Thai at Red Ginger on Oceania Cruise line

Attention Foodies! Cruise Buffets Are Out… & Dining Choices Are In!

Cruise Vacations are not just about buffets & stuffing yourself silly anymore… although you can certainly still do that if you choose :-)… there are more fun dining choices then ever before!

Click below to read about how you can meet Top Chefs from around the world like we have, enjoy their signature dishes, attend theme dining excursions & hear about how your special dining needs are met, and so much more…

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Here’s what an Amazing River Cruise looks like

Recently we wrote 2 articles about why River Cruising is so popular and about all the great places you can visit on a River Cruise.

Well today, we wanted to give you a LOOK at how awesome River Cruising can be…

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Travel Insurance Image

The One Item You Should Never Go On Your Cruise Vacation Without!

If you have ever booked a Vacation, whether online or in person, you have definitely experienced being asked if you want to add Travel Insurance to your trip or not.

But do you truly know all the things this coverage protects you against and the reasons you should never leave home without it?

If not, this blog post covers exactly that!

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Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to a Luxury Cruise

There are 3 levels of Cruising… Mainstream, Upper-Premium and Luxury.

A common question we get is, “Why would we pay more and go on one of those luxury or upper-premium cruises?”

Well, the answer lies in this great blog post… Check it out!

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