British Isles Cruise scenery with Azamara club Cruises

Our 12 Night British Isles Cruise Review!

Check out this blog post to learn about the Ports of Call we visited during our British Isles Cruise.

Plus we include some good tips and advice for when you Cruise this area.

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Nyhavn District in Copenhagen

Visiting Copenhagen Before, After or During Your Cruise? Learn About This Great City Here.

5 days ago we set sail on our British Isles Cruise from Copenhagen… during our 2nd visit here we were reminded of how great a City Copenhagen is!

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The Ultimate Way To Vacation In Europe!

Are you intrigued with visiting multiple European Countries during one big Vacation but the transportation, language differences, expensive hotels, etc. give u a headache?

If so check this out and learn the Ultimate Way To Vacation In Europe!

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Change you attitude on a cruise

If You Are Cruising & Something Is NOT To Your Liking, Change Your Liking!

The majority of people come back from their cruise loving it, but unfortunately not everyone. The sad part is that it did not have to be that way!

There are a few things that you can do to ensure a lousy cruise does not happen to you… it is easier then you think!

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Rocky Mountaineer Train ride

Take a Pre or Post Cruise Tour with The Rocky Mountaineer!

Recently we took a Rocky Mountaineer Train ride and wanted to share our experience onboard with you.

If you decide to take a Cruise to Alaska this is a great experience to enjoy before or after your Cruise.

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Taking a Cruise you need stay limber on the plane to the port

Don’t Let A Long Flight Get In The Way of YOU Enjoying Your Cruise… Here’s What You Need To Know!!

Looking forward to your Cruise but not the long flight?

That is normal considering how dehydrated, stiff and sore you feel afterwards. But for your next Cruise print-off and take these instructions in your carry-on to practice inflight… you will arrive to the Cruise port feeling agile, refreshed & Ready for your anticipated Vacation… click continue to read more!

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