The Ultimate Way To Vacation In Europe!

Are you intrigued with visiting multiple European Countries during one big Vacation but the transportation, language differences, expensive hotels, etc. give u a headache?

If so check this out and learn the Ultimate Way To Vacation In Europe!

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Cruise vacation to discover self

TRAVEL to Discover Yourself!

When you travel to amazing destinations you come home a different person!

It is hard to describe and is a very unique experience for each individual, but it happens, you change.

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5 reasons to take a longer cruise

5 Reasons to Take a Longer Cruise?

We love taking long Cruise Vacations!

Have you ever pondered the idea but decided against it as you were not quite sure how you would handle being on a Cruise ship that long?

If yes, then we suggest you read this short article that might just change your mind and will save you from the blues of HAVING to come home after a quick one week vacation!

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Burj Al Arab at the beach

Interesting Facts & Top 10 Things To Do in Dubai Before/After a Cruise!

Recently we flew 30 hours to catch a Myanmar River Cruise in Asia and those flights are tough on the body so we planned smart!

We acclimatized in Bangkok before the cruise and broke up the flight back home afterwards by spending a few days in Dubai…

…Dubai is one of THE most fascinating cities in the World, a place everyone should visit!

She holds many titles to the worlds biggest, tallest and 7 stars!

Read all about it in our review… click below, you’ll love it!

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Nancy & Shawn Power trusted cruise experts in Bangkok

Make Bangkok Your Rest Stop Before A South East Asia River Cruise!

Recently we did a Myanmar River Cruise (Burma) with AMA Waterways which was incredible!

But if we had not spent 3 days in Bangkok prior to it, we would have missed the 1st few days of our River Cruise while trying to get over the jet lag and adjust to the time zone change.

Bangkok is the perfect place to rest for a few days prior to a South East Asia River or Ocean cruise!

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Horse Carriage ride Myanmar river cruise with AMA waterways

Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)… Put It On Your River Cruise Bucket List!

We visited the city of Bagan during our Myanmar River Cruise which is one of the most stunning Archaeological Cities in the world!

With over 2,200 Temples and Pagodas still standing, Bagan is a must see from horse carriage, the Watch Tower & hot air balloon.

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